YouTube Marketing Tips 2021

YouTube Marketing Tips 2021

YouTube Marketing Tips 2021


No wonder why you have decided to create a YouTube channel. Yes, we all know that YouTube is the internet’s second-largest search engine. And a billion users prefer watching video over reading texts or blogs. So, no doubt this is a great platform for individual standout. And promoting brands for the growth of the business. 

Select the types of categories like educational, vlogging, review, workout, and tutorial, you want to upload it to your YouTube channel.

Now you create a channel and give the world valuable information in the form of videos. Here are some amazing tips to follow to create a successful channel.

YouTube Marketing Tips 2021 –

  • Create your own YouTube channel:

Create Your YouTube channel using a Gmail account. After creating the channel, you need to verify your account if you want to upload a video longer than 15 minutes, add custom thumbnails, live streams, and appeal content ID claims. After that upload a good photo or a brand logo and channel art. In the about section write what you upload in your channel also add social media links and website links.

  • Video Production:

Now that you have completed your creating YouTube channel setup. And the next step is researching your audience, write an informatic script according to your channel.

Now you have the script, now it’s time for a video shoot. Choose a Good location, and set up the camera, lighting other necessary things. Now you have completed Video shooting, and next is edit the video, and add good sound effects. Edit video length according to your video message you want to give to the world.

Now it’s time to optimize the video and upload in your channel.

  • Optimize your videos:

To rank your video when users search for something on the search engine that you need to optimize your videos. Here are some areas you need to understand. 


You need to put relevant keywords on what match your content. Use Google keyword planner and Google trends to put possible relevant keywords that reach more users. Keep in 60 characters to show on the results page.


Give little information about your video’s context, and also add CTAs links. Relevant hashtags about your videos more reach. And also select the category of your video.


Make a creative eye-catching custom thumbnail that relevant to your content. That urges users to click on your videos to know about the whole stuff.

Subtitles & Closed Captions:

This option works on keyword optimization in your videos.

Some important CTAs techniques cards and end screens are to help you. Viewers watch similar videos at the end of one video. Also, remind them to like, share, comment, and subscribe to the channel.

Make a playlist for users to watch similar videos continue and stay engaged with your channel. Also, create a channel trailer to understand the topic of your YouTube channel.

  • Social Media Marketing:

Make a post on your channel’s social media to encourage them to check out your latest videos. Also, do collaborate with influencers.

Make collaboration with meme account to create a buzz about your latest videos. Also, make a short video with them, that will drive viewers to watch the full video on your YouTube channel. 

  • Feedback from users:

Ask them about what they like and dislike in the video. Ask about

need any improvise in the next videos, noted everything. Use YouTube Analytics to know about your audience’s age, location, and what they like to watch in your videos.


Be consistent with your motive to upload video what the audience most watch. Keep making relevant content with improvisation. Follow and updated new YouTube marketing strategies or techniques. And apply in your channel for growth. 



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